How to build a custom Magento 2 module

In the context of Magento, modules are small programs that you can build that extends functionality within your Magento project. They can become very complex but share several characteristics in their construction. Here I will show you how to build a basic ‘Hello World!’ module with Magento. Magento is based primarily on PHP in an […]

WordPress or Laravel – Why not both?

Earlier this year I gave a talk at WordCamp London 2019. My talk was titled WordPress or Laravel: Why Not Both? and its focus was on building a Laravel application with WordPress being used as a headless CMS. I have based this blog post on my talk. Brief Introduction to Laravel: Laravel is an open […]

My review of: October CMS

When I recently decided to relaunch my blog, I decided I did not want to opt for WordPress, which is what I previously used. I preferred to choose something very lightweight and developer focused so that I could build the functionality I required on top of it and not focus on removing or disabling elements […]

Create a custom taxonomy in WordPress

Custom taxonomies can be used in WordPress to organise posts and custom post types similarly to how posts are organised into categories. In fact categories are a type of taxonomy to organise posts. An example of a custom taxonomy may be a ‘genre’ taxonomy to organise review posts, or a ‘location’ taxonomy to organise listings […]