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Welcome to my blog. I am Chris Brosnan, a London born and based developer with eight years of professional experience in the field. I am a Full Stack Developer and have worked across many industries including the charity, blockchain, travel, finance and fashion industries, and with an array of technologies and frameworks. I have a particular interest and expertise in PHP (especially Laravel), Vue JS, and Python. 

On this blog I will post discussion pieces around industry topics, tutorials, reviews and other interesting content related to coding, technology, web/software development, and occasionally other topics not directly related to technology. I am also an occasional conference speaker and will share articles related to my discussions and the events I attend on this blog. 

In my spare time when I’m not working on one of my many side projects, I love to play board games, listen to podcasts, watch football (lifelong Spurs fan), and read science fiction and fantasy novels, graphic novels and manga books.

Although I have further blog posts planned I’m always open to new ideas so please leave sugestions for further content below, or any questions and discussions around programming and technology. 

Featured image from https://unsplash.com/photos/iar-afB0QQw (Markus Spiske)

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